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2014-04-29 03:02:29 by sonicthehog

sorry i havent posted ive been busy on a game in progress so its called shadow rpg here is the icon4997450_139875487013_download1.jpg


game will be published in a few months maybe in june or september


2014-03-29 18:28:43 by sonicthehog

will its this time again.

so its been down i have been lost.

i still need help in makeing a movie


2014-03-29 06:37:12 by sonicthehog

so im back and i have got someone pending for me to help him in a movie.

so its not been jam packed.

see you later.


2014-03-28 02:04:05 by sonicthehog

this is my 1st blog bost.

so i will try to post one a day so see ya and tell me lf you need a movie to have be writen.